Julie LePore asked 3 years ago

1) Is the space heated?
2) What is the latest time for arrival for Mysore?
3)What is the cost for Mysore packages?
4)Is there a changing room if I have to go to work immediately after?

Julie LePore replied 3 years ago

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?? I could not find the studio on Old Statesville Road as advertised.

Joy Staff replied 1 year ago

South Old Statesville Road
Remember must book prior!

2 Answers
Joy Staff answered 3 years ago

1) Yes, the space is heated.
2) Arrive 10 minutes prior scheduled time.
3) First create your account and chose the package/membership that suits you the best.
4) There is a changing room and shower. Towels are available for rental if needed.

Joy Staff answered 3 years ago

We are located on “South” Old Statesville Road.

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